Boris here again. The next day in Coeur d'Alene, we woke up late so had to check out of the room and before we hit the road, we mad the daily shake in the parking lot using our Vitamix. I set up the table by the car door where the refrigerator and freezer are and the whole making the shake was easy other than a few people curiously staring at us. Cleanup and returning everything back was harder so we’ll try to make it indoors or at a secluded scenic place from now on and also avoid the strange looks.

We then drove to Anaconda, Montana. The name itself as well as trying out a new hotel was reason enough to try it out vs. going to Butte. The drive was long but beautiful (everything in Montana is). Anaconda is a very small town by a huge coal stack. It was cold and the Italian restaurant that we tried out (the only one in town) was to say it gently, bad. Even Nina did not want to eat the spaghetti that we brought over for her.

The hotel was by the highway, and it was so noisy that at 5:30am my beloved Doris woke me up and said that we should split, so, we did. 6:00am and we are on our way to Billings Montana.

This is the time to talk about the amazing rest areas in Montana. Usually situated in beautiful places, they are very clean and roomy. We stopped in one to try out another feature that we added in the car which is a one person resting/sleeping apparatus. It took a few minutes to move things upfront and make the bed available. Doris lay down to sleep and Nina and I went to explore the area and find the famous rattle snakes. After awhile, we came back, Doris was ready to go and we quickly re-arranged the cargo and took off toward Billings.

Billings is a very nice city nestled in a desert area with all that’s available in much larger cities including an international airport. We spent a warm sunny day hiking around Billings and will be on our way to Big Horn national forest tomorrow.



This is Nina. I am sooooooooo pissed. These guys went to Denny’s today and all they brought me was some hash browns. After guarding the car for an hour, that’s what I get? I’m looking to resign.

Earlier in the morning, we went on a very nice hike in the Pictograph Cave State Park. The sign said it was closed but since Boris does not know how to read, he took me anyway. Doris stayed in the car because of course, the trail was closed. It was really amazing but when we came back we told Doris that there is nothing to see other than a few red lines so that she will not feel she missed anything.

Then we went on a really long hike called Four Dances. I don’t get these guys. There is a need to smell every leaf and bush for scientific records and they get upset because I am thorough – sometimes Boris pulls me to move on – can you believe that. I have an important mission to catalog all the smells and this guy just pulls me to come along. I feel so under appreciated.

Walking was easy – hell, I can jump three times my height so I can walk forever. But it was warm and time for my nap so when we got back to the hotel I just zoned these guys out, jumped on the bed and went to sleep.

I hope that tomorrow we will finally head back – I miss my brother so much.