What’s up Wyoming, this is Nina. I’m originally a California girl so never been so far east and north. Before I get to Wyoming which is an AMAZIN state, I want to share that yesterday in Billings Montana, I saw something very disturbing. We were hanging out in a beautiful dog park with lots of trails and a river walk when suddenly I saw a group of primary school students walking together with their parents and teachers with no cloth to hide their face. This is a disaster of catastrophic proportions. Just think that when these kids grow up and want to rob a bank they will have no clue how to hide their face.

Anyway, from Montana we headed to Sheridan Wyoming. The day had a few fun walks as we drove through Bighorn national forest. First we tried to climb on a cliff – walk was steep but with my low center of gravity and the fact that my muscles can propel me on a jump that is three times my size it felt relatively easy. Not sure why Boris and Doris stopped every 10 steps – so it was a bit sunny and very hot so what? Then we went to tour lake Sibley which was a complete change of scenery with trees and shade along the trail. It was awesome and my tail just pointed up on its own from excitement. In particular, I saw at least 10 squirrels and that made me very homesick. I miss my buddy B.