Here’s Nina. As Doris and Boris dragged me on this trip, after three weeks I think it is time to share with you my likes and dislikes from this trying times.

Like: I get to spend all day long and night with my favorite person with no bro to bother me at random times

Dislike:  I miss my bro bothering me at random times

Like: We have long nature walks almost every day in different places with lots of new smells

Dislike: I need to sit in my crate (command center) during long drives

Like: I get to eat the same food as Doris and Boris and if they are in a restaurant they special order for me

Dislike: I hate waiting for Doris and Boris alone in the car when they are in a restaurant (why aren’t dogs allowed?)

Like: I get to whine directly into Boris’ ears and bark out loud when we see other dogs, cows, deer or anything that moves

Dislike: Boris stops the car when I whine and demands that I do my business even when I don’t need to

Like: I get to meet a lot of new people in nature walks and they always compliment me that I am cute.

Dislike: Boris thinks they actually compliment him and not me and he keeps telling the same joke over and over that no one should be scared because I am not dangerous. If only I could reach above their ankle I would show them who’s dangerous.

Like: I have my own blanket to sleep in (well, its actually Doris’) so that even if we are in different hotels every night I have something familiar to come back to.